You shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your health and exercising your right to participate in our democracy.

The public health crisis we are experiencing has not only uprooted our normal routines, it has also changed the 2020 voting landscape. We know COVID-19 disproportionately harms BIPOC. We know disenfranchised communities of color and voters with disabilities have been systematically denied access to the ballot box. Now, more than ever, we need voting to be easier — not harder.

Voting by mail is easier.

While you fill out your ballot at home, you can look around the room at your loved ones and rest easy without the fear of jeopardizing their health. This pandemic may have introduced uncertainty to this country, but make no mistake: Voting by mail is your right to be heard.

Pledge to vote-by-mail, stop the spread.

Please provide your state-issued information to register to vote or access your voter information.